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Traveling vs Writing about Traveling (Part 1: Guidebook)

I won’t call myself a travel writer (just yet), as I haven’t written that much and I haven’t traveled as much as I want to. But here I am, writing my second guidebook. This time is about Vietnam.
Writing a guidebook is much more painful than writing a travel article independently. It needs research, references, better accuracy. Will have to follow a certain format as well.
The money? I almost laughed if somebody asked me that question. It’s just beyond your imagination. Yes, I mean it. BEYOND your imagination how small the money is. It won’t be able to cover your airfare alone.
But yet, here I am again, writing another guidebook. It’s not the money that matters. It’s the satisfaction that I can share my travel experience and help others. Oh yes, I’m that noble.
Maybe I’ll just call myself an-almost-pro-bono travel writer. but who knows, it might change