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Corvallis, City at The Heart of Oregon’s Valley (Part One)

Corvallis has taken my heart away since I passed my first lonely, cold and harsh winter in 2008. I believe many of you never heard of Corvallis before, who would have unless they’re from Oregon ?

Just quick and dirty info, Corvallis is a small city with population about 54 thousand, and I swear to God, this number shrinks during the summer because three quarter of them are students who flee outside the “bohwring” city to work or just chill out and spending their parents’ money at bigger metropolitan cities such as Portland, Seattle, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, even New York. At the first week of my staying in Oregon (it was three weeks before the fall term started), I hardly see people. Instead, all I can see is cattle and Illama. Yaiks!

Anyways, a little geographic lesson is about to start. Where is Corvallis?

Corvallis is located in Central Western of Oregon (FYI, the not so famous state of Oregon is a rural treehugger backcountry located in the middle of California and Washington). According to Wikipedia, as they quoted from the US Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 13.8 square miles. It is as big as Yogyakarta city but way less populated, In compare to other cities around the Oregon’s Valley, Corvallis is among the smallest. In fact, a friend of mine who lived in Eugene- the second metropolitan city in Oregon, one hour drives away from Corvallis, once said (in Bahasa) that,” Corvallis itu kotanya kecil sekali sampai kentut gue pun bisa terbaui diseluruh kota (pardon my translation, Corvallis is sooo tiny weeny that even the whole city can even smell my fart). Continue reading Corvallis, City at The Heart of Oregon’s Valley (Part One)