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While waiting for a flight

What do you do at the airport when you are waiting for a flight? Many of people I know choose to listen to the music with the earphone plugged tightly to their ears. Some modern peeps listen to their iPods, or a discman (ancient people), or their walkman (people from Jurassic era). I was never been among those groups.

Many of the people here at the waiting room are busy with their smartphones. Some playing games using their newly-released tablets. Those couple over there are fondling each other.

A few people are busy reading. New updates on the plane crash, sport column, regional elections, are on the front page. Even less people are reading novel. I was in this group. Thick suspense fiction was my best companion while waiting for a flight.

Time changed. Now I am no longer in that group. I have to chase around my baby son who is crawling here and there. Meters and meters away.

That’s what I am doing now while waiting for our flight bound to Jeddah.