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New Delhi Dalam Sehari

india adalah negara yang luas, jadi butuh waktu banyak untuk mengelilinginya. Bila waktu terbatas, mungkin Anda hanya punya satu hari untuk menjelajah masing-masing kota. Lalu, apa saja yang dapat dikunjungi di ibu kota India, New Delhi? Berikut ini rekomendasi saya.

New Delhi Dalam Sehari

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Image Gallery: Colorful Manado

The province on the north tip of Sulawesi has a lot to offer. Underwater beauty is not the only one. Manado and its surroundings possess breathtaking lakes, highlands, and certainly its beaches among others. Here is a glimpse of colorful Manado:

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Image Gallery: Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta 2012 (Yogyakarta Art Festival)

All photos are credited to: Fadila Adelin (Backpackology’s Yogyakarta Contributor)

The Yogyakarta Art Festival 2012 was opened today by the province’s Governor, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X. This annual event will last for the whole tree weeks. It is considered as a major tourist attraction. If you wish to visit Jogja, there is no better time than these days.

Below are some images that capture the unique and attractive sights in Jogja following the FKY.

Jogja is welcoming visitors!

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