Four Years On and Going Strong (2010-2014)

Menikah itu butuh jatuh cinta berkali-kali.

Marriage is not a happy ending, instead it is a constant hard work. Marriage is nothing like a blossom flower. It is like a plant, it’s entirely up to you whether it will grow or wither.


Makanya, menikah itu butuh jatuh cinta berkali-kali. Pada orang yang sama.

For us, it is four years exactly today we tied a knot. A knot that need a constant work to be stronger and not to be broken. Four years on and going strong.

From Vietnam to India, from Singapore to Arab, from Japan to France, together we witness the wonders of the world. From Yogya to Manado, from Jakarta to Aceh, from Sukabumi to Balikpapan, together we have proven the beauty of our country.

Marriage is not about a lavish wedding, it’s about bottomless love. Marriage is not a competition of two people, it’s about two people forming a strong team. Two people, not three, four or five.

Marriage is about falling in love to the same person over and over again.

You may hate the way he snores, but you’re suddenly fall in love again when massage your head to shoo the headache away.

You may hate the way she shops, but you’re fall in love with her again when she makes a cup of tea after your busy day at the office.

Marriage is about respect to each other. In marriage being right is not always as important as being supportive (Lily on HIMYM).

It’s been a magical four years, but it’s not flawless as it’s a marriage of two imperfect people. Two imperfect people that complete each other.

There are rough patches here and there, but together we managed to find silver linings.

Marriage is about somebody always being there for you, no matter what, and vice versa.

So, happy anniversary, Cucup!


Recipe for a great marriage: Lots of love, lots of hugs, lots of travel, lots of sex. Easy, no?

13 thoughts on “Four Years On and Going Strong (2010-2014)”

  1. Happy anniversary Kak Olen dan Kak Ucup. Barokallah 🙂
    Sedikit tip biar gak bosen bercinta: kalau partner-nya gak bisa ganti, ya tempatnya aja yang ganti-ganti. Bukan begitu Kak Olen? ~ dari yang udah kawin 13 tahun :p


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