My Life in KL, First Glance





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Everyday I am still amazed by things I see in Kuala Lumpur, from its super efficient public transportation system to its state-of-art office buildings. Even, by smallest things I experience.

I am amazed that Malaysia — country who used to be inferior to mine — has grown this big.

I have travelled to KL (and Penang, Langkawi, Kota Kinabalu) many times before moving here, although I am not familiar with KL as well as my familiarity with LCCT where I transited a lot. Yet, travelling is different with living. Little things do not fail to amaze me.

For the second time in my life, I enjoy using public transportation in the city where I live (the first one being Melbourne, a city where I studied). Although during travelling I use (happily) this cheapest way of transportation. The LRT in KL is so efficient and speedy with 3-5 minutes interval during normal hours. Feeder buses are easily available. I am so lucky because my condo is just opposite an LRT station.

The condition of the stations are maybe comparable to those in Tokyo. Clean and in order. Whereas in Melbourne sometimes it stinks of pee mostly because of the drunks and those in Paris are damp (mainly because they are underground) and mostly don’t have lifts.

Traffic is light. Only in rush hours there are some points like Jalan Ampang, Jalan Jelatek, and around Chinatown, Chow Kit area and few others, are jammed.  Often, the taxi drivers complained, “Oh it’s jam teruk!” (bad traffic/macet parah). I sighed and whispered to Puput, “Try one day driving in Jakarta, by the end of the day he’ll go straight to a shrink!”

It is why — maybe — despite the good public transport and overwhelmingly expensive parking in KLCC area, there are many people willing to drive their own cars to the office.

I am amazed that machines are literally everywhere, from ticket machine, vending machine selling snacks and drinks, even umbrellas! The only thing I have not seen is condom dispensers *wink*

I am still amazed that I have my best burgers here — Fuel Shack. Of course, I have not been to Gordon Ramsay’s BURGR, but Fuel Shack by far has the best burgers out of chain stores.  I little bit more expensive than the likes, but it is so worth it. I am gonna stop now because I am drooling….

We also have experiencing a wonderful service with the immigration where we submitted visa application for our maid. A 5 minutes waiting, in a lounge comparable to those in premier airports. Met by a friendly immigration staff (though the immigration staff at the airports are such as mood killers).

Banking is easy, charges are cheap. Internet is fast.

But KL — and Malaysia — is certainly not flawless. Democracy is one big problem. I remember years ago during my grad school I wrote a paper that concludes Malaysia and Singapore as the least democratic countries in the region.

Prices hike. Locals said that prices of goods keep getting higher and higher. Generally things are more expensive that what I pay in Jakarta. Some things that are cheaper here are cooking oil (hell yeah this is the country where palm oil plantation are too common), beef (Malaysia does not have party leader who feeds his 3 wives using money from corruption on beef) and water charges.

Here my story will end for now. We will post stories and tips on Malaysia that are useful for you who want to move or simple travel to KL, topics such as: bringing in maid from your country, finding accommodation in KL, and of course best street food in KL.

4 thoughts on “My Life in KL, First Glance”

  1. Masio publik transport nang kono wis wapik mendukung rakyat tapi rakyate akeh sing gak gelem numpak haha, konco2 ae nandi jarene mending numpang mobil timbangane LRT, soale gak kabeh area ono setasiun haha. Pengalaman tau numpak wis wisata mbek rombongan, macet 3 jam gak mlaku2, lah bise mandek nang ngarepe Mekdi, dadi wifian gratis nang njero bis haha


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