Finding Love Through Traveling

Some say one will show their true colour when they are travelling. I can’t help but  to agree. To me, travelling is the best way to see the good and bad in people. Their characters. Their unmasked personalities. Their potential to be The One.

Together we are stronger
Together we are stronger

On a date, you got to see the best in him. He picks you up wearing the best clothes he has. You can smell his aftershave across the driveway. His face is smooth like a baby’s buttock, you can not even see a single stubble.

On a date, you pick her up. She wears her new flowery dress bought in a midnight sale. Her hair scented like lavender. Her nails manicured.  She wears her widest smile.

When travelling, you see everything in him. You see how ugly he is waking up in the morning, hair so messy and, oh, that puppy eyes. Breath smells like dragon because he cannot find his toothbrush.

When travelling, she changes her tight fitting leggings with a pair of torn jeans or an oversized cargo pants.  Hair all messed up she wears a simple ponytail. Using rubber band she found on the grass.

On a date, you eat in a fancy restaurant, served and put the bill on your credit card. You don’t have to worry about the charges until later the month. You have sugar-coating conversation until you almost suffocated by the spiking blood sugar.

When travelling he counts every cent you have to make sure you survive in this no man’s land. She is happily living in a hostel far below her standard of bedding. You eat street food, taking cramped public transportation. You learn to live the difficult way.

When travelling, she would not hesitate to walk miles to save the money you have left. He offers to carry her backpack watching her sweating all over. You learn to walk hand-in-hand.

When travelling, she makes an itinerary, strategic yet flexible.  He calculates the timing so you won’t miss a site.  You learn efficiency, but you learn to compromise.

She lost her camera, he says, “It’s okay, I’ll buy you another one.” He lost his camera, she says, “It’s okay, I’ll buy you a new one. You learn compassion.

You are arrested by the police over something. He negotiates, she negotiates. The police let you go. You learn to work together. You do problem-solving.

You are a team. A good one with no coach needed.

Little that people know, Puput and I were travel mates before a couple. Adventurous before romantic. Storm before calm.

Being married does not stop us from learning. Through travelling we learn a lot more. We deepen the love. It teaches us to share responsibilities. We learn how to raise a kid outside the comfort of our home, away from our comfort zone.

We find love through travelling. How about you?

*Opinions here are my own. Feel free to disagree.

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