Boating Beautiful Halong Bay

Story here written by my friend, Geno, who currently lives and work for a humanitarian organization in Africa. Halong Bay is also my favourite spot, I love it so much. Read Geno’s other stories on Southeast Asia in his blog.

I’m out at sea, in a very unique vessel. This wooden boat, seems to be a cross between a houseboat and a Chinese junk. But there is no clear view of the ocean horizon. Our boat is dwarfed by massive karst pillar formations, which thrust up out of the ocean. They resemble slumping stone giants, rising up from the watery depths. There are few places on the seven seas with views like this. If I weren’t in Asia, I would think that this could be a vision out of Greek mythology.

I’m off the coast of northern Vietnam, in the gorgeously scenic Halong Bay. Read more

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