Warning: Travelling. Highly addictive!


Some people enjoy travelling once or twice a year because it gives them a sense of freedom from their daily routine. This is what most people do. Once or twice a year. That’s why there is a term “annual holiday”. Some people just go beyond once or twice a year.

When I look up the dictionary – in my case it is most probably Wikipedia – addiction means the continued use of a mood altering substance or behaviour despite adverse dependency consequences, or a neurological impairment leading to such behaviours. In this case, I am an addict because when I don’t travel for a short while my mood worsens, I’ll go cranky. But of course addiction goes beyond definition.

I know some people have gone extreme, such as selling a house to fund round-the-world trip, or give up a lifetime career to backpack for a year or two. Those people I’d definitely and undoubtedly called travel addicts.

I also know many people who’d say they love travelling (apparently travelling as a hobby is becoming more popular — it is trending). They go to some places — most definitely spending a little money — in a year.

Another fun-loving group are those people who give up a lot to travel — although they won’t go to the extreme. They rationalize decisions between maintaining the stationary lifestyle and spending money and time to travel. These people most likely show all the signs of addiction.

I myself have a real passion for travelling. I travelled solo, with friends, with husband, and now travelling as a family with my baby. I call my family as a family of wanderlust.

Apparently I have a traveller circle. A friend, Lala, also a family traveller, call the squad Skippin Troupe. Selly, an experienced solo traveller feels that she has “happy feet”. Another friend Tri dubs her trips as “story of my dusty sneakers”. Other people would call themselves a travel addict, a culture enthusiast, nomadic, etc. Whatever you call it, how you do it (backpacking, flashpacking, organized tour) you may find that travelling is highly addictive. But, of course, the level of addiction varies.

Many travellers have tried to identify the signs of travel addiction. We are also try to come up with our list that includes:

the backpackers
the backpackersh our list that includes:

1. Booking flights gives you a high
2. Before travelling back home you have plan your next vacation (or vacations)
3. You plan 2 or 3 trips in a row

4. You give up a job offer to travel
5. When you don’t travel you fantasize about it
6. You are counting cities and countries that you have visited and that you will visit soon
7. When you’re at home you watch NatGeo Adventure and TLC
8. You have travelled to some places that many people never heard of
9. You have some travel applications on your smartphone
10. Your passport starts to wear off

If you at least score 8 out of 10, then you are potentially addicted to travelling — which I’d say Non-Hazardous! How addicted are you?

One thought on “Warning: Travelling. Highly addictive!”

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