A Family of Wanderlust: The Weirdest Eid ul-Adha Ever

When this family decided not to go back to the hometown (mudik) for Eid ul-Adha, it searched for an alternative where to spend the holiday. The grand plan was to spend two days in the beautiful setting of Cinangneng in Bogor. Room has been booked, itinerary has been organized. The grand plan turned to fiasco.

It’s feeding time @ Bogor Botanical Park

The nightmare began with the traffic jam just outside our frontyard. OK, it was 6pm before a long weekend so quite understandable. It took us an hour from Pasar Festival to Gatot Subroto. we also had to bear with the fact that we need to change Oliq’s diaper, like immediately. So, escaping from Kuningan congestion was a little relief although the Jagorawi toll was packed as well. A pit stop at Cibubur Square for diaper changing.

We hit Bogor at around 9pm. A slight happiness because we would only need to follow the road to Dramaga. We would drive away from the city center, so the road would be rather empty at that time of the night, right? Big no. I mean NO. Jl Kapten Muslihat was congested but it was a usual scene.

The total disaster was Jl Raya Dramaga after IPB. Looooooong queue of cars. Motorcyclists zigzaged dangerously. A lot of people crossed the road carelessly. Jakarta traffic is nothing compared to Ciampea.

According to the website, there is a red sign pointing the direction to Kampung Wisata Cinangneng around 1km from IPB. We could not find it. Maybe because it was dark, crowded, or we were just too tired. I decided to call the Cinangneng staff asking for direction. He said we missed the street by 200 meters. We did a U-turn heading toward Bogor, but it was impossible to do another U-turn for the street. Road was way too packed. Teenagers with their blinking motorcycles, kids on the back of pick-ups. And no takbir whatsoever. Helluva Eid eve, no?

So, we did not even try to find the street to Cinangneng anymore. Puput grew very weary of all this. Oliq was already in his deep slumber. In silence we drove back to Bogor. Away from the catastrophic Ciampea. Awayyyyyyyyyyy

We decided to find the closest hotel. It was already 11pm. FYI, Oliq’s bedtime is 7pm, Puput’s is 9pm, mine is more flexible.

Fortunately the road heading to Bogor Kota was okay. Not so much traffic, only in certain areas. The first reputable hotel we found is Hotel Salak The Heritage. We managed to get a deluxe room for Rp 990,000.

Hotel Salak The Heritage, Bogor

When the parents were way too sleepy and tired, the baby decided that he had enough sleep in the car. He jogged around the bed, calling “Papa, Papa!” The one called was already snoring.

The morning of the holiday. Unlike usual, Oliq decided to wake up late. So when his Papa went to Balaikota for Eid prayer, the Mama had to stay in the hotel room until he woke up. We had nice breakfast together in Hotel Salak. Oliq had his first ever Soto Bogor.

Apparently the night’s fiasco took a toll. After the breakfast at around 8am, the three of us fell asleep for a quite long time. No, I mean for a really really long time. We only woke up because a housekeeper rang our bell. It was time to check out. Whaaaat? It was 11:30. The effort to extend the room for another night failed, all had been booked. We needed to get our asses out of the hotel.

We packed our bags and checked out. Left the bags in the car and crossed the road to the fence of Bogor Botanical Gardens. Being kicked out from the hotel should no stop our plan to feed the deary deers. Oliq particularly enjoyed this moment. He feed the animals eagerly. We had to buy kangkung and carrots several times. It was the highlight of our weird holiday. A disaster may occur, but nothing like a happy child to erase bad times.

So here I am, in Amaris Hotel Bogor (Rp 410,000 a night) summarizing our weirdest Eid ul-Adha while the boys are already asleep. We are a family of wanderlust, no bad experience can stop us from travelling.

5 thoughts on “A Family of Wanderlust: The Weirdest Eid ul-Adha Ever”

  1. You are the indonesian Sarah Jessica Parker writing a witty traveling blog. You should definitely writing more piece like this, people can relate to your experience. Laugh and enjoy your piece of writing while enjoying their afternoon mango.


    1. Jangan kembali kau torehkan luka di hati ini. Puput udah mutung ga bakal mau ke Cinangneng lagi. Jadi pilihannya tinggal Paris atau Peru. Sekian.


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