Tips on Travelling Kere-Style (How to save money without getting E. Coli) – Part I

Here is a list of tips on how to save money while travelling. Bearing in mind that this is only based on our experience and preference, so feel free to adjust according to your liking and circumstance.

• Bring your own food or raw food

Raw food and bebumbon (spices)

It maybe a cup noodle, instant noodle, instant rice, instant porridge. Anything that will refrain you from buying cooked food. It is cheaper and faster. You don’t have to worry whether is is halal or not.

• Bring sachets of instant coffee, tea, chocolate etc.

Budget travellers should not go to Starbucks. A cup of Kopi Kapal Api in the morning in a strange country is a perfect way to start your holiday. You can also bring a small thermos of hot water. It is very useful if you are travelling during wintertime or to the mountains.

• Do your own laundry

Do your own laundry or ask your spouse to do it for you!

When you travel to developed country where laundromat is readily accessible, it still costs a fortune. It is much cheaper to handwash your laundry. Use the sink or washbasin to soak your clothes. Tip: bring detergent from your home country

• Hang the laundry in appropriate places

A sample of unsexy underwears to dry

For us it means, over a lamp, where they get dry faster. You are lucky if you get a rope to hang your clothes in the hotel bathroom. You can also hang them over the drape or sunblind. Behind the fridge is also a good place. Just don’t ever microwave them!

• Free accomodation

Many people use Couchsurfing or similar sites like BeWelcome and Hospitality Club. Some stay with friends. Anything that will cut the cost as accomodation can be the most expensive element in a trip. If you arrive very late, you may want to stay at the airport until morning when you can hit the road.

• Be wise in using transportation

Public transportation is much cheaper than taxi. If you want to travel long distance, choose overnight train/bus so save one night hotel fee.

• Using free or discounted means of transportation for tourists

Free hop on hop off buses is the best way to see the city. Other example is the SGD 8 daily pass for tourists in Singapore for buses, MRT, monorail etc. Another example is the Japan Rail (JR) pass for foreigners coming to Japan.

• Maximize tap water

Australian tap water saved our dollars

In developed countries, tap water is drinkable. You don’t need to buy bottled water. Prepare empty bottles and fill them everytime you get the chance. Note: make sure that the tap water is drinkable, don’t ever do it in countries like India, most Southeast Asian countries, except from drinking fountain. We don’t want you to get diarrhea. So far, the best tap water we had is in Japan. In Australia, tap the best tap water we had is in Melbourne Zoo in camparasion to water in Federation Square or Shrine of Rememberance or around The Rocks, Sydney. Water fountain di KL and Singapore is just so so.

• Use discount coupon

Brochures from tourist information sometimes contains discount for a certain restaurant, attraction, or etc. Read carefully and use it wisely.

A sample of our bento during an expensive trip to Japan. Delicious, nutritious, halal, and cheap.

The tips will continue in Part II.

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