Flying to Kuala Lumpur sans drama

Nothing as exciting (and relieving) as traveling with a happy baby. Sunday afternoon we flew from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur. I was a little worried in the morning since Oliq had a little sleep. Lack of sleeps gets him real cranky.

Apparently things went smoothly. Oliq did what dear friend Lala said in the previous posting. He got himself very tired by mopping the waiting room — of course with his body. Several times I and the daddy had to wipe his hands and knees.

On the plane, even before it took off, the baby dozed off soundly. I let myself sit still. No toilet break for a mommy with sleeping baby. He woke up about an hour later, when the plane started to descend. No drama whatsoever.

Arrived in KLIA with big smile!

It’s a big victory! We landed in KLIA and Oliq enjoyed his first Aerotrain. Lovely day ended on our super-king-size-bed in InterContinental Kuala Lumpur.

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