Oliq’s Third Country

Oliq (now 11 mo) went overseas for the first time when he was 6 month old. It was Malaysia en route to Australia.

A short visit in Malaysia as we stayed only a few hours at the airport. And because we passed the immigration (with the stamps) — it was officially Oliq’s first international exposure.

Australia was the big one. 12 day trip, Melbourne and Sydney. 6-mo Oliq experienced the 40 centigrade heat and a low chilly superwindy St Kilda at maybe 12 degree Celcius.

The third country is Saudi Arabia for umra. 9 hour flight is a longhaul. I myself don’t hate flying but taking a baby for such a long airtime is frankly exhausting. Turned out everything was alright.

Jeddah, continued with 5hours busride to Madinah. Oliq is finally at Masjed Nabawi!!! Yeeaaaaa lucky baby!

In Madinah, we visited Masjid Quba, Kebun Kurma, Quran Complex while passing some other significant mosques.

In the holy city of Makkah al Mukarrama, Oliq got his chance to see Ka’bah, circled it 7 times (for 3 times) carried by papa and mama. Did his Sa’I until midnite and continued with Tahalul. Oliq is now gundul!

An extremely exhausting process at King Abdulaziz Airport followed by 9 straight hour flight. Oliq is finally home again.

He is looking forward to the next country to step on.

3 thoughts on “Oliq’s Third Country”

    1. thank you sarah. amin ya rabbal alamin. hopefully next year oliq can go to ka’bah again.
      where are you these days. hope all blessing from Allah for you and family


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